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Electricity from renewable energy sources

What are your options when it comes to off-grid power supply?

It’s not always possible to get your electricity from the grid, and, even if it is, you might choose not to go down that route. More businesses than ever are choosing to combine renewable energy with an off-grid power supply, so they can be self-sufficient.

Off-grid products give you the option of generating your own electricity using green alternatives, like wind and solar, without the fear of losing power. Having a back-up power supply promises you uninterruptible electricity – critical for some businesses.

In this blog, we look at the options available to help you find the right product.

Multi-generator control system

Would most suit: an industrial business looking to save on fuel and maintenance costs.

The TransGen from Powerguard is an automatic changeover control system. It can switch between two generators – a large and a small – depending on the amount of power required.  This is ideal for businesses that use bursts of high-level power, but need an efficient system that runs at low power the rest of the time.

Case study – a milking parlour

Powerguard uses the example of a milking parlour to explain how this type of off-grid power supply works. The parlour may use up to 100kVA of power during milking times (six hours a day), but for the remaining 18 hours, it needs only 20kVA.

Running a generator at full power 24-hours a day would be inefficient, which is where the TransGen comes in. This clever piece of technology can switch between two different-sized generators, for a high load and a low load, based on what’s required at that time.

The Trans Gen uses less fuel, which not only saves money but it also produces less pollution – and because it’s running so efficiently, the maintenance costs are lower.

Combined heat and power (CHP) system

Meter dials - reduce energy costs
Would most suit: a business that wants temperature-controlled water at a reduced cost.

It’s a fact that diesel engines produce heat when they run – you might be surprised to learn that for every 1kW of electrical energy produced, 2kW of heat energy is lost. The combined heat and power (CHP) system from Powerguard is designed to increase the efficiency of a diesel engine by capturing this wasted energy and putting it to better use.

It works by taking the energy from the exhaust gases via the exhaust manifold and the water-cooling jacket, then using it to heat up a water supply.

By doing this, it can produce different temperatures of water simultaneously for things like wash basins, showers, and space heating. And because this system uses heat which is a by-product of an already paid-for energy source, it is essentially free.

This type of off-grid power supply can be used in conjunction with renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines and solar photovoltaic panels.  

Renewable energy control (REC) system

Would most suit: anyone who wants/needs to use off-grid, renewable energy sources

If you own or manage a remote property where it’s not practical to rely on the grid for your power, then a renewable energy source, like solar or wind, could be the answer. To be completely self-sufficient, you’ll need a back-up supply to guarantee uninterrupted power.  

The renewable energy control (REC) system is designed to provide power when there isn’t enough sun or wind to run your electrics – and it does this without using fuel.

Key features of the REC system   
  • User-friendly control panel for everyday use
  • No diesel required – 100% renewable energy  
  • Robust and reliable so you can expect it to last
  • Easy to install, service, and repair

Unlike some of the other systems on the market, the REC system from Powerguard has been designed to preserve the battery life so you can expect it to last longer.

Fully integrated off-grid power supply

Would most suit: domestic or commercial properties, particularly military and farms.

The fully integrated off-grid power supply combines Powerguard’s PS System with a generator and deep discharge batteries to guarantee electricity 27/7.

If you rely on a standalone generator to power your electrics then you’ll know that it’s not always efficient or convenient – you either have to leave it running or manually re-start it every time you need it. With Powerguard’s integrated system, you no longer have to worry about turning your generator on and off, because this system controls it for you.

Improving the efficiency of the generator means you’re using less fuel to power it, not only saving money but reducing your emissions for a greener system.  

Other benefits of an integrated off-grid power supply, include:

  • uninterrupted and reliable power 24/7
  • long-lasting, robust system with low maintenance costs  
  • easy to use and quick to install

The PS System also works with renewable systems, like wind, solar, and hydropower, to further lower your carbon footprint and reduce your fuel bill.

Expert Advice Concept. The meeting at the white office table.

Installing an off-grid power supply – the next steps

There are plenty of options here to consider, but unless you’re well versed in off-grid power supply then knowing which one to pick can be a little tricky. That’s where we come in, because our electricians can design a system that fits your property perfectly.

You might recognise yourself in one of the scenarios we’ve discussed in this blog, or you might have a unique challenge, but rest assured we have the credentials to help.

We have over 35 years of experience in the industry, and we’ve worked with both small and large businesses from domestic farms to supermarket chains and airports. We also understand that each customer is different, and we pride ourselves on taking the time to listen, so we can offer a bespoke solution that is fit-for-purpose.   

If you need an off-grid power supply for your property or you want to switch to using a renewable energy source, get in touch with our team. We can talk through the options and arrange a visit – you could be generating your own power, sooner than you think.