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Mini LED Static Inverters

Providing bespoke solutions for your emergency lighting and off-grid power system needs

Emcal systems Mini LED Static Inverters have been designed to compliment your emergency LED lighting system. They provide you with a cost-effective solution to emergency lighting for multiple level buildings in industrial, commercial and residential environments. Reducing the risk of total system failures in an emergency situation while also easing ongoing maintenance.


  • Easy maintenance for reduced costs and disruptions
  • 10-year battery life
  • Compatible with optional remote hold off relays
  • High Light (LUX) levels can be achieved
  • VRLA batteries included
  • Multi-Function LCD Display
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Change over relay available
  • Can be floor or wall mounted


  • True Sine Wave output
  • Designed to BS 5266 standard
  • 32-bit micro-controller
  • 3-hour emergency mode duration in case of a mains failure
  • Outputt wattage from 50 to 400 watts
  • Steel enclosure
  • 230 volt AC 50Hz pure sine wave voltage

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